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The Kitty Krew

The Kitty Krew is a group of Flash animators who upload wacky and fun animations onto The original members, known as the Founders, are in no order, Lasse, Big Fuzzy Kitten, and Seel. Originating from the NGC forum, they got together to do a little collab for fun. This collab, of course, is the first submission from the Kitty Krew ever made, and hardly the last. In time, hundreds upon hundreds of flash have been submitted to Newgrounds over the years, marking the Kitty Krew as a prominent Newgrounds crew (or krew, as some dudes call it.) The Kitty Krew's official date of creation is on July 17th, the same day that the first Kitty Secksings Collab was submitted. The Kitty Krew has caused much controversy since their formation. Examples include crew rivalries and wars, attacks committed by Newgrounders (including Wade Fulp), spiteful hackers, and even some of their own members have trashed and destroyed the forums from time to time, not to mention all the scorn that a sizable amount of the Newgrounds community has garnered for them, and perhaps even for all flash crews.

The Kitty Krew currently resides at

Latest activity

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